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Are you in need of a commercial refrigerator repair in Fremont CA?

First, make sure you are not able to handle the repair job yourself. Putting in new refrigerator parts like light bulbs, shelves, and water filters is easy enough; you just need the refrigerator parts and a tutorial video to walk you through it. However, more difficult refrigerator repair jobs should be left to the professionals -- such as coil, compressor, and motor replacements.

If you do not have the tools to swap the defective parts, doing the refrigerator repair yourself could get costly. This is the main reason many business owners come to us instead for their refrigerator repair in Fremont CA. If you have a multimeter, there are certain things you can test on your own before calling a Fremont refrigerator repair company. If not, give us a call and we will diagnose your commercial refrigerator troubles from within your Fremont CA business location.

We are always quick to help and have highly trained and qualified technicians that are awaiting your call. Since you are relying on an urgent appliance repair to keep your Fremont CA business running -- we understand the importance of working fast. From the minute we get your call to when we send our repair guy out to get your replacement refrigerator parts in Fremont CA, we're focused on getting your commercial freezer back to operational order as fast as possible. When calling, let us know as much as you know about your refrigerator troubles.

If there's anything you diagnosed, such as a lack of power through a multimeter testing, then let us know that as well. Further, tell us any error codes that show up if your model of refrigerator gives them.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Ice buildup around the evaporator should be removed with a hairdryer or with hot water. Using a sharp object to get the ice off will most likely cause the evaporator to get damaged -- in many cases this results in the fridge needing replaced as the repair costs too much. Hot water is the best option though, as there's always the risk of water entering the hair dryer and causing you to get shocked. Of course, you could just let it defrost over the course of a few hours and return to finish the job.


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